Xiaomi accused of recording, sending data of millions of users to remote servers

India’s top selling smartphone brand Xiaomi, has reportedly been accused of recording the data of millions of its users, raising privacy concerns once again.

Cybersecurity researcher Gabi Cirlig discovered that his Redmi Note 8 was ‘watching much of what he was doing on his phone’. The smartphone apparently tracked the user behavior and sent data to remote servers.

While investigating, Cirlig further found that the default Xiaomi browser recorded all the websites that he visited on the device. This also included search activities on Google. Cirlig also noticed that the device tracked his activities even when he was supposedly using the incognito mode.

Another cybersecurity researcher Andrew Tierney found that other Xiaomi browsers — Mi Browser Pro and the Mint Browser — listed on the Google Play Store were also collecting similar data. 

Xiaomi, in its response to Forbes, denied the allegations, stating that the research claims are untrue. It noted that privacy and security are of its top concerns and that it “strictly follows and complies to the local law and regulations on user data privacy.”

In India, Xiaomi has been the number one smartphone seller for several quarters. It was reported that the company shipped over 10.3 million devices in India and had a market share of 30.6 percent in Q1 2020.

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